The first part of this post describes the installation of TeamCity 9.0.4 on a Windows Environment. TeamCity is a continuous integration and deployment server for software projects. TeamCity supports different programming languages like Java, Phyton, C#,…

Below you can find some screenshots of the most important steps of the installation wizard




After the installation is completed, the following page will be opened in the systems default browser.


In the next configuration step the database has to be selected. Either install a database server locally or connect to an external database server. If you don’t have an existing database server I would recommend to download and install PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express. On the DB-server a new user for TeamCity (in our case “teamcity”) has to be created. Afterwards the connection information, the database name and the credentials can be entered into the wizard.


For more details concerning the installation and troubleshooting see here.

After finishing the basic configuration wizard TeamCity is now available under the defined port (i.e. http://localhost:80).

Enable NuGet
For building C# projects the NuGet integration has to be enabled. To enable the NuGet-integration log in as an administrator and enter the Administration-Panel to manage your build server instance as shown in the images below:



UPDATE 2015-07-30

If TeamCity will be set up with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express the configuration allows to choose between two authentication methods

  • Windows authentication
  • SQL authentication

If configuring the database connection with SQL authentication, the following error could occur when TeamCity tries to connect to the MSSQL Express Server:

"Login failed for user"

To fix the error perform the following steps describe under the links below

Configuring the database connection with Windows authentication seems to be a little more tricky. There is a good description of the setup available on the Jayway blog

The TeamCity Free Open Source License was generously provided by JetBrains


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