[Bug] Sparx Enterprise Architect v14.0 Build 1421 breaks using Deployment Diagrams

A quick one: last Friday, Sparx released an update to its Enterprise Architect v14.0. When I installed it today I noticed that all of a sudden I could no longer use the Deployment Connector to connect an Artifact with an Execution Environment. However, the same morning it still worked. The error message I now get […]

Bugslayer: 10 days into EA14

My first 10 days into EA14 have passed by and I am discovering some issues ranging from nuisances to real distractors … So here is my list of bugs and SO questions. I will update the list as I receive updates from Sparx or other sources. CaseId 18058962 – confirmed Package Validation in Enterprise Architect […]

[Bug] “Task Scheduler service is not available” Error, if specifying Network Connection Condition

There is a bug in Task Scheduler of Windows 10. If the network condition of a Scheduled Task gets enabled and a specific network connection gets selected, the corresponding Scheduled Task will not run anymore. To reproduce the problem open properties of any Scheduled Task (right click on Scheduled Task -> Properties) and switch to […]

ODataController throws ‘No NavigationLink factory was found’ when returning a different type in IHttpActionResult

Recently I ran into a strange error when working on an ODataController. On several occasions (especially on CREATE or UPDATE operations) we do not want to return the actual underlying entity of the controller, but instead would like to return an entity that can be used for synchronisation such as a Job. So instead of […]

[Bug] PowerShell Import-CliXml incorrectly creates Hashtables with duplicate keys


Import-CliXml is a rather convenient way to import (configuration) data from serialized XML files which then can be easily processed as hashtables. But unfortunately, there seem to be some subtle bugs in the implementation of the Cmdlet (remember the implicit type conversion I wrote about before). This time it hit me when I was debugging […]

[Bug] PowerShell Scripts in ScriptsToProcess attribute appear as loaded modules

Microsoft PowerShell module manifests allow you to define scripts that are run prior to actual loading of the module itself. These scripts run in the caller’s scope (and not in the module’s scope) and can be defined by stating them in the ‘ScriptsToProcess’ attribute of the manifest. However, each of these scripts will appear as […]

[Bug] PowerShell HelpUri and inline help not working as expected

[UPDATE 2014-12-01] An update to this issue. It seem that this only appears PowerShell v3 and not in PowerShell v4 any more. When we create our Cmdlets we often supply a link to an Internet resource where we can put updated or more extensive help information. We normally do this in addition to providing some […]

[Bug] Class Library Service Reference for ODATA service does not handle return type from CRUD operations

Recently I observed a strange behavior when working with an ODATA service via a “System.Data.Services.Client.DataServiceContext” that was wrapped inside a class library (via a regular “Service Reference”). The specific ODATA service in question was an Entity Framework v4.1 based service and had defined two different entity sets (“Objects” and “Tasks”) along with its regular CRUD […]

[Bug] Start-Job from Scheduled Task fails with event id 8197 when invoked via different Credential Set

[UPDATE 2014-10-21] the code and the assembly are now available under Apache 2.0 license on GitHub at https://github.com/dfch/biz.dfch.CS.System.Utilities [UPDATE 2014-12-10] see below for further details on this issue and a workaround to this that does not need PSRemoting Recently I observed a strange bug that occured when trying to invoke a PowerShell job via the […]

WebAPI and “The response to this POST request did not contain a ‘location’ header. That is not supported by this client.”

I just came across another nuisance in .NET WebAPI that I want to share with you quickly. In one of our LightSwitch projects we use WebAPI ODATA controller to help out when LightSwitch internal capabilities come to their end. As we are using a PowerShell once in a while as you might already have guessed […]