When cloning a structure in Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) as a new version, that contains at least one diagram, every newly created diagram (clone) gets quickly opened and closed again during cloning process. In EA v14.1 build 1429 the EA_OnPostOpenDiagram events can be caught successfully however the EA_OnPostCloseDiagram are not thrown by EA in this case.

I figured this out during debugging. To reproduce execute the following steps.

  1. Create a new package
  2. Create a new diagram in the package
  3. Right click on the package in the project browser
  4. Click Clone Structure as New Version …
  5. Enter an arbitrary value for Name and Version
  6. Diagram gets cloned, the clone gets opened and closed again

When debugging, you’ll see, that only the EA_OnPostOpenDiagram gets called but not the EA_OnPostCloseDiagram. However the diagram gets opened AND closed, so both events should be triggered.

I submitted a bug report at 26.10.2020. In the meantime the bug got confirmed by Sparx Systems and according them it should be fixed in a future release (Issue ID: ‪20106112‬).

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