[NoBrainer] Using TeamCity Build Parameters with Environment Variables in C#

TeamCitiy Build Configuraiion Environment Variables

When integrating back end systems we very often would like our build server to run integration tests against our test evironments. The problem is that we do not want to hard code any connection uris (or even worse credentials) into our unit and integration tests. As we are using TeamCity as our build server (again […]

Use Strong Name Key on TeamCity for Digital Signature

We started using strong names for some of our assemblies. Strong named assemblies are assemblies, that get digitally signed with a strong name key to ensure its uniqueness (i.e. in GAC). A strong name consists of the assembly’s identity, culture information (optional), version number plus a public key and a digital signature. As we did […]

[HOWTO] Publish PowerShell Module to PowerShellGallery with TeamCity 9.x

Hi I’m Steven Pilatschek, apprentice of the d-fens GmbH. I started my apprenticeship in August 2015. The first year of my apprenticeship I participated a program in a training center. Since August 2016 I’m working at d-fens. Introduction As a first task I had to extend the existing build configurations of our PowerShell modules on […]

[NoBrainer] Use SSH Key on JetBrains TeamCity

Instead of entering the username and password for every VCS root registered on JetBrains TeamCity it’s better to register an SSH Key for the communication with the VCS (Version Control System). To enable communication between VCS and JetBrains TeamCity 9.1 first a SSH key has to be created. Create a SSH key A manual for […]

[HOWTO] Create and Publish C# NuGet package with JetBrains TeamCity

Todays blog post shows how to set up a build configuration on a JetBrains TeamCity 9.1 server that creates and publishes a NuGet package of a C#/.NET-Project. Build Configuration Setup The build configuration will be responsible to create (pack) a NuGet-package out of the specified dll files and publish it to NuGet.org. To show the […]

Configuring JetBrains TeamCity using HTTPs on Windows

We decided setting up TeamCity 9.1 for d-fens GmbH on an Amazon EC2 micro instance. Because the server will be accessible from the internet I had to configure TeamCity using HTTPS. First the security group of the EC2 instance had to be adjusted to only allow HTTPS and RDP connections (HTTPS from anywhere, RDP only […]

[HOWTO] Maven Release on JetBrains TeamCity

In one of my last posts I wrote about setting up a C# build job on JetBrains TeamCity 9. Today I’ll show you how to set up a java build job for building and releasing a maven artifact. The activiti wrapper will be used as an example project. It’s a maven project that will be […]

[HOWTO] PowerShell NuGet package creation with JetBrains TeamCity

Hi, this is Marc Rufer from d-fens GmbH. I started working at d-fens as a Software Engineer this week. I already wrote some posts and I’ll continue sharing information about my work on this blog. Introduction In todays blog post I’ll explain step by step how to set up a build configuration for a PowerShell-Project […]

Create C# build Job on TeamCity

Prerequisites The following requirements have to be met for creating a build job for a C# project. Running TeamCity instance (Setup manual can be found here) MS Build Tools have to be installed on the host (download) MS Test Tools have to be installed on the host (download) Important: Restart the build agent after the […]

Installation and configuration of TeamCity 9.0.4 under Windows

Installation The first part of this post describes the installation of TeamCity 9.0.4 on a Windows Environment. TeamCity is a continuous integration and deployment server for software projects. TeamCity supports different programming languages like Java, Phyton, C#,… Below you can find some screenshots of the most important steps of the installation wizard Configuration After the […]