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[HOWTO] Create Model Document using Sparx Enterprise Architect API

This blog post is about how to create model documents by using the Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) API. Model documents are part of EA Virtual Documents and are modeled as child elements of report packages. Therefore the creation of model documents described hereafter requires an existing report package. Of course, report packages can also be created using the Sparx EA […]

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[Bug] Sparx Enterprise Architect v14.1 Build 1429 not triggering EA_OnPostCloseDiagram event in context of Time Aware Modelling

When cloning a structure in Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) as a new version, that contains at least one diagram, every newly created diagram (clone) gets quickly opened and closed again during cloning process. In EA v14.1 build 1429 the EA_OnPostOpenDiagram events can be caught successfully however the EA_OnPostCloseDiagram are not thrown by EA in this case. I figured this out […]

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ISTQB Foundation Level 2018 Certification

Recently I decided to do another certification. Since I was able to gain some experience in the context of testing in the last years and because testing is an interesting and important topic, I decided to go for a foundation level certification in testing. ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) is a global provider of such certifications. The Foundation Level […]

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WPF Series -12- Global Exception Logging

During development and debugging of our WPF application some exceptions occurred which were not caught by the code. Such unhandled exceptions are not logged automatically. In order to obtain information about any unhandled exceptions in production and to simplify error analysis, we looked for a way to handle and log unhandled exceptions. After some research we ended up with the […]