The last post in this series deals with the packaging of a WPF application. To simplify the installation of our WPF application we decided to package the application as MSI (Microsoft Installer) using Advanced Installer.

In the following I show you the most important steps in using Advanced Installer.


Create Advanced Installer Project

  1. Right click on your solution
  2. Add new project of type Advanced Installer Project

  3. Expand your newly created Advanced Installer project in Solution Explorer of Visual Studio

  4. Open .aip (Advanced Installer Project) file in Visual Studio

  5. Click on Edit in Advanced installer (bottom left corner) to open the Advanced Installer project in the Advance Installer application

  6. Configure the Advanced Installer project as desired

The Advanced Installer user guide including some tutorials can be found here.

Useful Hints

  • If the solution contains a PoSH (PowerShell) project, the PoSH project must be unloaded during resource selection
  • The solution cannot be loaded, if there is a version mismatch between the Advanced Installer application and the Visual Studio extension – update Advanced Installer application and try again
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