Promote a Linked Clone Virtual Machine to a Full Clone with PowerCli

Linked clone VirtualMachines share their base disks with their parent virtual machine. Only changes (delta) are stored in the childs virtual disks. These results in two major benefits: Fast Provisioning time Space savings   However, linked clones have some limitations: Diskspace cannot be adjusted Performance impact – Depending on storage cache The following PowerCLI snippets […]

vCloud Director (vCD) allocates DistributedVirtualPorts from a DistributedVirtualPortGroup in a non-sequential order

When you have a DistributedVirtualPortGroup in vCenter (vC) with a fixed number of VirtualPorts of 10 and you set that DistributedVirtualPortGroup to “non-expanding” you will get an error with vCloud Director (vCD) when you try to allocate more than one (1) DistributedVirtualPort. However, when you look at the DVS DistributedVirtualPortGroup you find enough available DVS […]

Getting current CPU usage for vCloud Director Organization VDC

In vCloud API (via REST, vCO PlugIn, or PowerCLI) you can query CPU, memory and disk usage for VDCs. However, when retrieving the values for current CPU usage you always get ‘0’ – regardless of real current usage. Values for memory and storage seem correct. There is a workaround for this via querying the underlying […]

Get vCenter Resource Pool from vCloud Director Organization Virtual DataCenter (VDC)

With PowerCLI for vCD and vCenter it is particularily easy to determine the underlying vCenter resource pool for any vCloud Organization VDC. You first retrieve the resource pool relation via the Search-Cloud CmdLet via the urn of the VDC and then use the Get-ResourcePool CmdLet to get the actual resource pool (via Typed Queries): done.