Working with JIRA SOAP service via PowerShell

It might sound old school and the JIRA SOAP service is announced to be removed with version 7 ( but the JIRA SOAP protocol is really easy to use from PowerShell as of the nifty ‘New-WebServiceProxy’ Cmdlet that abstract the SOAP protocol behind typed .Net objects. So whenever you want to do a quick upload […]

[vCAC52] Change VirtualMachine Reservation and StoragePath – Revisited

Some time back I showed a way on how one can change the placement while provisioning. The central problem is that the placement takes place in that moment when the user submits his machine request. So at any step during the provisioning the placement has already been determined and resources already have been allocated. During […]

Introducing the vCAC VMPS SOAP ProvisionService

Besides the well used ManagementContext vCAC also has some SOAP services for basic infrastructure communication and provisioning. With the ProvisionService, VMPS for short, you get a wrapper around some basic vCAC workflows and helper functions that abstract data manipulation of the MangementContext and others. Using this service with PowerShell is pretty straightforward with the help […]

Change Ownership of a vCAC Machine and Inform user via mail with PowerShell

When you want to change the owner of a machine in vCAC you would probably like to inform the owner of what he just acquired. The easist thing is to to send an update notification via vCACs VMPS SOAP (ProvisionService) service: You can ignore the error message and wrap it into a try/catch block to […]

Importing existing Virtual Machines in vCAC automatically via PowerShell

In case you would like to import existing machines into vCAC you have the option to import them via ‘Discovery’ from within the GUI. But if you wanted to import more than a few machines at a time this might become a little more than tedious. Of course you can always revert back to AutoIT […]

vCAC Timer triggered automatic Approval or Rejection of Machine Requests

We recently had a customer who wanted an automatic approval of machine requests after a specific time span when no other approver would have rejected the request. On the other hand he wanted an automatic rejection of machine requests after a defined idle time for machine types that used large amount of resources (as the […]

PowerShell New-WebServiceProxy fails to instantiate Clickatell SOAP WebService

When trying to use the Clickatell SOAP WebService via “” you receive a “FileNotFoundException” exception: You effectively have to use the workaround described in the manual by calling the web service under this address: ‘’. The reason behind it seems to be use of a conflicting attribute named ‘callback’.