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Tag: Expressions

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Combining Expression[Func[T, bool]] of different Types

The other day, I was tasked with the problem of selecting entities from IQueryable<T> based on specific filter criteria that were only known at run-time. Basically, I had objects of different type with a set of properties. Here is an example, of what we were trying to solve. We have two expressions that apply to different types and both return […]

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[NoBrainer] Cascading Lambda Expression in C#

While Converting ODataQueryOptions into LINQ Expressions I needed to cascade different Lambda Expressions via AND and OR. In this post I describe a way on how to easily combine them via a boxing class with operator overriding. The Problem Cascading lambda expressions should be as easy as using a + or &amp;&amp; operator: A boxing class However, as by default […]

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Converting ODataQueryOptions into LINQ Expressions in C#

OData makes it very easy for us to pass query options from the URL down to an object mapper like EntityFramework. However, this somehow happens automagically and cannot be really controlled in code. In this blog post I show how we can extract and convert FilterQueryOption and OrderByQueryOption to manually apply them to our underlying LINQ provider. Let’s start with […]