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Tag: DataServiceContext

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[NoBrainer] Avoiding Concurrency Exceptions when working with a DataServiceContext in PowerShell

When working with a DataServiceContext from PowerShell you might run into concurrency update situations after updating entities via SaveChanges. This is due to the behaviour of the DataServiceContext ChangeTracker which will not reflect changes performed by the server (as a result of our update operation). Let me illustrate this with a quick example: Suppose we have a Catalogue entity where […]

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Consuming ODATA Services from LightSwitch with Impersonation

In case you are still using LightSwitch and are not entirely relying on its internal features, you might have started using ODATA services as LightSwitch data sources. This comes in especially handy when combined with the Microsoft Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) which lets you create decoupled components that can be easily plugged into your core application. However, as soon your […]

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[Bug] Class Library Service Reference for ODATA service does not handle return type from CRUD operations

Recently I observed a strange behavior when working with an ODATA service via a “System.Data.Services.Client.DataServiceContext” that was wrapped inside a class library (via a regular “Service Reference”). The specific ODATA service in question was an Entity Framework v4.1 based service and had defined two different entity sets (“Objects” and “Tasks”) along with its regular CRUD operations. The specialty of the […]