Search-OSCEXOEmailMessage does not handle PageSize and Paging correctly

Another bug in the OSCEXO module… When searching for mails within a mailbox well known folder with more than “PageSize” messages the cmdlet Search-OSCEXOEmailMessage never return and keeps “searching” forever (or until you run out of memory – whatever happens first). The reason behind this is that the code that handles the “ExchangeService.FindItems()” calls does […]

Search-OSCEXOEmailMessage does not return (S/MIME) signed messages from folder

I recently had the need to automatically retrieve and process emails. As I am using Office365 what could have been closer than trying to retrieve the emails via PowerShell and EWS. What I was not aware of is that the supplied Cmdlets that come with the “MSOnlineExtended” module only really deal with account and administration. […]

Communication with Apple iTunes Store and WebSite

Recently I had the task to automate a few things regarding AppleIDs. One of things was to create, change and verify AppleIDs. Having no tools (apart from Apples inofficial buggy AppleScript screen-click-automation scripts) I had a look at the HTTP communication between iTunes/the web client and the iTunes Store and AppleID servers. The login to […]