Configure NSX Manager backup using the API

If you are running NSX-V in a production environment it is crucial to have recent backups of NSX manager available. The NSX Manager backup settings can be configured either through the webinterface or the RESTful API. This is a short post about some gotchas I was running into while automating the backup configuration of NSX-V […]

Configure SSO on VMware NSX using the API

This is just a very short post about the problems I was facing while trying to configure SSO on NSX Manager using the API. The NSX API documentation contains following: POST https://<nsxmgr-ip>/api/2.0/services/ssoconfig Request Body: While testing with this call I always got a http error 403 back. However the credentials used to authenticate against NSX […]

NSX-V 6.1 Configuration Maximums

NSX-V 6.1 Configuration Maximums It was not that easy to find this information on the official VMware website. However, during a current  NSX-V integration project, we received the following Configuration Maximums table from VMware PSO, including the permission to share the content with the community. Credit goes to Aleksander Bukowinski. As soon as the information will be […]

Promote a Linked Clone Virtual Machine to a Full Clone with PowerCli

Linked clone VirtualMachines share their base disks with their parent virtual machine. Only changes (delta) are stored in the childs virtual disks. These results in two major benefits: Fast Provisioning time Space savings   However, linked clones have some limitations: Diskspace cannot be adjusted Performance impact – Depending on storage cache The following PowerCLI snippets […]

VMware NSX and Arista VXLAN VTEP L2 Gateway Integration

During the last weeks, we had a chance to work with the VMware NSX for Multi-Hypervisor (NSX-MH) software defined networking solution. In the following post, we want to focus on how to integrate physical servers or network devices like firewalls, IDS/IPS, loadbalancers in the NSX overlay networks with VXLAN VTEP enabled switches. Multiple third-party vendors […]

Updated vCAC Plugin for vCO

vCAC Inventory View

Yesterday I opened a Service Request at VMware because I had problems registering a vCAC host within vCO. The error (again) was related to SSL certifcate issues and that the vCO server (or its Java engine, to be more precise) would not want to accept the certificate from the vCAC host. So when I called […]

Investigating the vCAC 5.2 mgmtContext

vCAC Workflow Designer mgmtContext

[UPDATE 2014-02-16] For an introduction of vCAC other models have have a look at Investigating vCAC 5.2 Models. One of the cool features of vCAC is the ability to hook into the various steps of the provisioning process via scripting – especially with Windows PowerShell. As vCAC is built on top of ,NET it is […]