Configure SSO on VMware NSX using the API

This is just a very short post about the problems I was facing while trying to configure SSO on NSX Manager using the API. The NSX API documentation contains following: POST https://<nsxmgr-ip>/api/2.0/services/ssoconfig Request Body: While testing with this call I always got a http error 403 back. However the credentials used to authenticate against NSX […]

[NoBrainer] How to easily pass parameters to a script in a PowerShell job

Today I had to pass a long list of parameters to a Cmdlet inside a PowerShell job. At first it looked like this, which seemed rather horrbile (i.e. unreadable) to me. There had to be a cleaner approach to this – and so it was … there are some samples around the Internet on how […]

vCloud Director: Federation certificate expiration emails / Certificate regeneration troubles in large environments

Hi, this is Daniel and this is my first post about a small gotcha you might experience with VMware vCloud Director and the surprising resumé that there is no automated solution for fixing that. Since vCloud Director 5.1 it is possible to enable your organization to use an SAML Identity provider. And even if you […]