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Converting notes of Sparx Enterprise Architect custom scripts from XML into C# object

While I was working on a feature for an Enterprise Architect (EA) Add-In I had to get information about the scripts, which are stored in EA. The scripts are stored in table t_script and the information I needed was Name and Language. Both properties reside inside the Notes column. Selecting Notes of table t_script with the following SQL query in […]

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Improvements on the SqlXmlSerialiser

This is a followup to the last article Easy Conversion from Enterprise Architect XML SQL Queries to C# Objects. Every time we execute a query that returns results from more than one table we have to use aliasing in the SQL statement to differentiate columns with the same name. See below a query that retrieves all connectors of an element […]

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Easy Conversion from Enterprise Architect XML SQL Queries to C# Objects

In this article I show you how to easily convert arbitrary SQL query results in Enterprise Architect to native C# objects. The Enterprise Architect object model provides several methods which you can use to make direct SQL queries against the underlying database. And while Repository.GetElementSet really returns a Collection of native EA.Elements (but not connectors) the more versatile Repository.SQLQuery only […]