[HOWTO] Maven Release on JetBrains TeamCity

In one of my last posts I wrote about setting up a C# build job on JetBrains TeamCity 9. Today I’ll show you how to set up a java build job for building and releasing a maven artifact. The activiti wrapper will be used as an example project. It’s a maven project that will be […]

[NoBrainer] Allman codestyle and gitignore for Java IntelliJ

The following xml-file describes the Allman code style for IntelliJ IDEA and the Java-File below shows an example of the code style. <code_scheme name="allman"> <XML> <option name="XML_LEGACY_SETTINGS_IMPORTED" value="true" /> </XML> <codeStyleSettings language="JAVA"> <option name="KEEP_FIRST_COLUMN_COMMENT" value="false" /> <option name="KEEP_BLANK_LINES_BEFORE_RBRACE" value="1" /> <option name="BLANK_LINES_AFTER_CLASS_HEADER" value="1" /> <option name="BRACE_STYLE" value="2" /> <option name="CLASS_BRACE_STYLE" value="2" /> <option name="METHOD_BRACE_STYLE" value="2" […]

Clickatell Output Plugin for Graylog v1.0.0

Configured Plugin

Introduction This Graylog Output Plugin can send short messages (SMS) via the Clickatell Messaging Provider based on messages that are assigned to a specific stream in Graylog. It is based on the new version 1 plugin architecture. This plugin does essentially the same as the Clickatell AlarmCallback Plugin for Graylog, but works on streams instead […]

Clickatell AlarmCallback Plugin for Graylog v1.0.0

Graylog Clickatell AlarmCallback Configuration

Introduction This Graylog AlarmCallback Plugin can send short messages (SMS) via the Clickatell Messaging Provider based on alert conditions configured in Graylog. It is based on the new version 1 plugin architecture (though for AlarmCallback Plugins not that much has changed). Here is a brief overview of what is covered: Installation Configuration Options Testing Download […]

[NoBrainer] Graylog2 AlertConditions based on field contents

This post describes how you can extend the Graylog2 AlertCondition mechanism to raise alerts based on the contents of a field (instead of just a message count or a field value). Introduction Currently Graylog2 only allows you to trigger AlarmCallbacks based on either MESSAGE_COUNT Here you define how many messages must be assigned to that […]

[HOWTO] Creating a Graylog2 Filter Plugin

Introduction UPDATE 2015-02-26 The plugin now works with the Graylog v1 plugin API Following the article about Creating a Graylog2 Output Plugin this post will cover the steps needed to create a filter plugin for Graylog2. While the SCRIPT OUTPUT Plugin enabled a potential user to run scripts for post-processing of messages, the SCRIPT FILTER […]

[HOWTO] Creating a Graylog2 Output Plugin

Defining new Output

Introduction As described in my last post Sending Gelf messages to Graylog2 via PowerShell we were testing Graylog2 for log and meter collection. It soon became clear that the current selection of adapters to get data out of Graylog2 was far from perfect. We needed a specific output action to send data to an incident […]