This post describes how you can extend the Graylog2 AlertCondition mechanism to raise alerts based on the contents of a field (instead of just a message count or a field value).


Currently Graylog2 only allows you to trigger AlarmCallbacks based on either

    Here you define how many messages must be assigned to that stream before an alarm will be triggered.

    In this scenario you define a numeric threshold that must be reached before an alarm will be triggered.

So out of the box it is not possible to check for the existence of a field or the exact value of a string (neither numeric nor string). Inside a custom filter plugin this would be possible to check for the respective conditions, but inside a plugin it is not possible to trigger an alert (as far as I know).


However, there is a workaround:

  1. Implement a filter that runs after the StreamMatcherFilter filter (i.e. a priority of higher than 40).
    Within that filter we perform all necessary logic we want to (such as checking for a specific field content).

    We can implement the alarm-check logic via the plugin described in Creating a Graylog2 Filter Plugin and only have to add a stream check inside the javascript code and add the respective field. The filter would then execute a script similar to this:

    // Filter script part 1
    var streams = message.getStreams();
    astreams = streams.toArray();
    for(c = 0; c < astreams.length; c++)
      var stream = astreams[c];
      if("routerStatus" != stream.title) 
      var routerStatusMessage = message.getField("ROUTER_STATUS_MESSAGE");
      if("DOWN" != routerStatusMessage)
      // ...

    Note: checking for the stream id (instead of title might be more efficient.

  2. Add a custom field to the message with an arbitrary value
    This field (with a value of 1) will be used to later utilise the built-in FIELD_VALUE AlertCondition feature.

    // Filter script part 2
      // ...
      message.addField("DF_STREAM_ALERT_" + stream.title, 1);

  3. Create a regular AlertCondition
    This alert will check the field from the previous step and trigger an alarm when the value is larger than 0

    Alert is triggered when the field DF_STREAM_ALERT_routerStatus 
    has a higher min value than 0 in the last 1 minutes. Grace 
    period: 0 minutes. Including last 5 messages in alert notification. 

  4. optional Add a custom AlarmCallback
    Set up an AlarmCallback like biz.dfch.j.graylog2.plugin.alarm.execscript to further process the actual alarm (such as submitting another message into Graylog2 or sending out some custom REST request).


  • This is certainly a workaround, as the product itself does not support this.

  • And of course script processing will not achieve very high performance. But for testing this should be rather fine.

  • Checking for stream id instead of stream title will increase performance as well.

  • Instead of using a filter, with an AlertCondition and an AlarmCallback, this all could be done inside a filter altogether (with asynchronous threads). However then you will not see triggered alerts in the UI any more.

  • Another approach could be to assign the message to a (specific alarm) stream instead of creating a custom field. From that stream we could treat every message as an alarm and process the message via an output filter.

  • Adding these custom fields to a message has the advantage that you can later still identify messages that caused alarms (whereas the normal alarms only live in memory of that specific node).

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