LightSwitch HTML Client and Custom Icons for Buttons


LightSwitch is very powerful to build apps, but often, the standard LightSwitch controls, buttons and their appearances do not reflect your needs.
In this article, I will show you an easy way to build buttons with a custom icon.


For this article I used Visual Studio Update 3 and created a new LightSwitch HTML project.
Building icons from scratch is not my best. :-( So I did a bit research and found this:
Syncfusion Metro Studio. This is a free and powerful tool to create icons from existing templates. If you want to you can buy additional icons from their website.

Let’s start…

First, let’s build a simple “Home” button icon.
Open Metro Studio, you will see this:

Now, we are looking for a fancy icon. Type a keyword in the search box. In our case, we will try “home” ;-):

Let’s take an icon and edit this for our needs (the settings here are ok for our new button):

Then, click “export” and save the image to your LightSwitch project. (I created a folder “Icons” under the “Content” folder.)

Customizing CSS

Open the “user-customization.css” (or any other css file) from your project and add following lines (customize the background image URL to your needs!):

.msls-footer .myHomeIcon .msls-large-icon .ui-icon {
background-image: url("Icons/icon-home.png") !important;
background-position-x: 0px;
background-position-y: 0px;

Things to do in a screen

Next, open a screen from your LighSwitch project and add a button to the command bar node:
In the properties window, set “Custom” to icon property.
Last, in the post render method of your new button, add following line of javascript code:



Open your screen and you will find a button with your new icon:

That’s all for now, folks!

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