Switching Language at Runtime in LightSwitch HTML Client

Introduction Hi, back again and as I promised in my last post, I will show you, how we can change the language in our localized LightSwitch HTML 2013 application. HINT: This article describes a “hack” and if anybody have a better idea-let’s talk about it! :-) Prerequisites You have to be familiar with localizing a […]

Cloud Business Apps with LightSwitch and SharePoint 2013 – The Pain with iOS and NTLM

Introduction This article describes building a Cloud Business App with LightSwitch HTML (2013) and SharePoint 2013. As you know, LightSwitch is a fantastic technology to develop fancy and responsive apps. A lot of articles already describes how to build them. Integrating in SharePoint 2013 as an app is also already described in many articles, so […]

LightSwitch HTML Client and Custom Icons for Buttons

Introduction LightSwitch is very powerful to build apps, but often, the standard LightSwitch controls, buttons and their appearances do not reflect your needs. In this article, I will show you an easy way to build buttons with a custom icon. Prerequisites For this article I used Visual Studio Update 3 and created a new LightSwitch […]

Full example of an ODATA Controller for ActiveDirectory search operations with the LightSwitch HTML Client

Introduction First, thank you all for your feedback to my first post, regarding the Extending the LightSwitch HTML client with a cascading push menu. Today I will show you, how to use an ODATA v3 Controller for ActiveDirectory search operations within a LightSwitch application. For this I will use the sample A simple ODATA v3 […]

Extending the LightSwitch HTML client with a cascading push menu

This article is about a project with the LightSwitch HTML Client and Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 and addresses a shortcoming in LightSwitch that it only provides very basic menu options (to say the least) … Introduction In one of our projects, we had the requirement to spice up the screens with a proper menu […]