Creating SignalR Hub Classes on the fly

Recently I wanted to create SignalR hubs for client notification based on a list of internal queues. As SignalR is creating Hubs based on their type names I had to find an approach for dynamically defining classes based on the given queue list. In this blog post I show a way on how to do […]

[NoBrainer] Sending SignalR messages from PowerShell to the Server

This is a quick addition to my previous blog post on how to receive SignalR messages via PowerShell. Once you have established a connection in PowerShell to your SignalR hub you can easily them a message to the server via the ‘Invoke()’ method on the IHubProxy object. In it you specify the name of the […]

Receiving SignalR messages from PowerShell

A couple of days ago I wrote about how to use RabbitMQ with AMQP from PowerShell (via a small assembly that utilized the original C# .NET Client). After I implemented it in the use case for our customer I somehow felt it to be “too heavy” for what I was really using it (compared to all […]