Validating JSON objects with PowerShell Advanced Function Parameters

PowerShell makes it really easy to convert JSON into (PSCustom) objects with the means of ConvertFrom-Json. But manually verifying every property after conversion is particular tedious and annoying work. Recently I wrote about Using typeful JSON Deserialisation and Validation in PowerShell. However, sometimes this is just not feasible as you might not have a C# […]

LightSwitch and NonSQL Data Structures with Server Side Validation


When working with LightSwitch (HTML Client or not) you define your entity sets via the Designer and set their relations. As the whole database schema is automatically created and maintained for you by the LightSwitch runtime you have relatively little control over how to handle changes once you have to alter your entity sets. In […]

Using typeful JSON Deserialisation and Validation in PowerShell

One of the cool features in PowerShell is the string handling – especially that of XML and JSON, with the help of Cmdlets like “ConvertFrom-Json” and the like. This all works very well when quickly converting small pieces of JSON data. However, as it turns out they have quite some shortcomings, as you can quickly […]

[NoBrainer] Saving bandwidth with JSON when consuming ODATA services from PowerShell

When working with ODATA sources from PowerShell via a service reference (instead of using explicit REST call via Invoke-RestMethod) the .NET DataServiceClient will use Atom/XML under the hood. This works perfectly well except it consumes much more bandwidth because of the XML data format. As the whole ODATA interface is encapsulated via your service reference […]