Full example of an ODATA Controller for ActiveDirectory search operations with the LightSwitch HTML Client

Introduction First, thank you all for your feedback to my first post, regarding the Extending the LightSwitch HTML client with a cascading push menu. Today I will show you, how to use an ODATA v3 Controller for ActiveDirectory search operations within a LightSwitch application. For this I will use the sample A simple ODATA v3 […]

Extending the LightSwitch HTML client with a cascading push menu

This article is about a project with the LightSwitch HTML Client and Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 and addresses a shortcoming in LightSwitch that it only provides very basic menu options (to say the least) … Introduction In one of our projects, we had the requirement to spice up the screens with a proper menu […]

[NoBrainer] Changing LightSwitch HTML Cascading choiceLists with JayData

Today I show you how you can quickly use “JayData” to modify the contents of a LightSwitch HTML “drop-down list” (aka “choiceList”). Though it does not really offer all the blows and whistles as other controls such as “select2” it has some advantages like easy setup and good visual integration. And now with the use […]

[NoBrainer] Using JayData with jQuery select2 plugin in LightSwitch HTML

In this post I quickly describe how you can use the select2 plugin with LightSwitch HTML client and present data from ODATA sources via jaydata. LightSwitch has builtin capabilities for selecting related entities via the ‘Modal Data Picker’ control. You can also have drop down or choice lists with static data, however they lack the […]