biz.dfch.PS.vCAC.Utilities PowerShell Module available

Finally I made it and found the time to upload the biz.dfch.PS.vCAC.Utilties PowerShell module! It is available for download at Github and NuGet (see below for links) and placed under the Apache 2.0 license. How to install: Copy the module along with the XML configuration file into a directory with the same name as the […]

vCAC: Export all PropertyDefinitions automatically with PowerShell

Imagine you feel like reinstalling your vCAC system as the DB got somehow corrupted and VMware support is not able to fix it. Although you really like the fancy GUI of the vCAC administration interface you somehow get bored to enter all your configuration options again and again … As usual, there is help: You […]

vCAC: Displaying Available Networks per Location using PowerShell

Sometimes you want to have the user to be able to select a VLAN based on the location he chooses during a machine request. With some little logic you can actually create a DropDown box backed by a ValueExpression that lists all selected networks per location. You only have to enumerate all HostReservations, lookup the […]