Configure NSX Manager backup using the API

If you are running NSX-V in a production environment it is crucial to have recent backups of NSX manager available. The NSX Manager backup settings can be configured either through the webinterface or the RESTful API. This is a short post about some gotchas I was running into while automating the backup configuration of NSX-V […]

Configure SSO on VMware NSX using the API

This is just a very short post about the problems I was facing while trying to configure SSO on NSX Manager using the API. The NSX API documentation contains following: POST https://<nsxmgr-ip>/api/2.0/services/ssoconfig Request Body: While testing with this call I always got a http error 403 back. However the credentials used to authenticate against NSX […]

NSX-V 6.1 Configuration Maximums

NSX-V 6.1 Configuration Maximums It was not that easy to find this information on the official VMware website. However, during a current  NSX-V integration project, we received the following Configuration Maximums table from VMware PSO, including the permission to share the content with the community. Credit goes to Aleksander Bukowinski. As soon as the information will be […]