I grabbed the task to transfer a Enterprise Architect repository from one MSSQL server to another. Sparx Enterprise Architect ships with an action called “Project Transfer” that supports repository transfer from DBMS to DBMS, so I decided to use this built-in functionality.
Before the project transfer can be started the transfer type (in my case DBMS to DBMS), the source and the target project have to be specified. As provider I selected Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server. As a part of the connection setup a database has to be selected. The list of available databases gets loaded using the values entered in the wizard. During lookup of the databases the following exception was thrown.

[DBNETLIB] [ConnectionOpen (SECDoClientHandshake()).] SSL Security Error

After some troubleshooting and some investigations we figured out that the selected provider does not support TLS 1.2. However Enterprise Architect from version 14.0.1423 somehow supports TLS 1.2 according release notes of EA 14.
Next we tried to use the provider SQL Server Native Client 11.0. Unfortunately this provider is not supported by Enterprise Architect. After a few hours we finally found a solution. In the documentation another provider is mentioned which did not show up in the Providers tab.

Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server supports TLS 1.2

I downloaded and installed the Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server, restarted Enterprise Architect and then the provider showed up.

With Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server as provider the connection could be established successfully!

Important: Check Allow saving password otherwise login prompt appears and connection cannot be established

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