In certain cases you might want to access a UNC share from a VCO instance. This is especially true when you have a mainly Windows based environment with more than one VCO instance. In addition it comes in handy when you implement the VCO Powershell Bridge I presented earlier.

  1. First you have to run the VCO service under a service account (as described in vCO: Write a file to a network share) that has some kind of network access permissions on the target system. So a LocalSystem or LocalService account will not do.
    And it might be best to first interactively test and verify the permissions are correct.
  2. Then you have to adjust the access permissions in the configuration file (check also the official documentation):
    r = read
    w = write
    x = execute
    +rwx \\\\ServerName\\CommonVcoShare$\\
  3. Restart VCO service after you finished editing your configuration.

(thanks to Daniel Kämpf for testing this out)

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