[HOWTO] Add ListBox to Visio Sheet and access it in Visual Basic

Last week I had to deal with Visual Basic in Microsoft Visio Professional 2016. I wanted to fill a ListBox with items containing data from an Excel file. First I searched for a ListBox shape in the shapes pane of Visio and added a ListBox shape to the sheet.

However I could not access it in Visual Basic code as pointed out in several examples I found in the internet. And also the View Code context menu item was not available…

I first couldn’t figure out, why accessing and filling the ListBox in Visual Basic didn’t work. I almost despaired until I figured out, that the developer tab was not activated. After activating the developer tab I realized, that there is an item to insert different controls (ActiveX controls) including a ListBox control.

From then on, my problems solved themselves. I added the ListBox control to the sheet and in the context menu of the ListBox control the View Code item was available and I also was able to access the ListBox control in Visual Basic code.

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