We decided setting up TeamCity 9.1 for d-fens GmbH on an Amazon EC2 micro instance. Because the server will be accessible from the internet I had to configure TeamCity using HTTPS. First the security group of the EC2 instance had to be adjusted to only allow HTTPS and RDP connections (HTTPS from anywhere, RDP only from My IP) as follows:


After that the TeamCity server had to be configured for HTTPS. The official manual of JetBrains Teamcity 9.x doesn’t provide information how to configure Apache Tomact to enable HTTPS. The manual only refers to some external links that provide the configuration information in general. After spending some hours I searched for some information concerning the configuration and stumbled over a blog post on wrightfully.com. Following the instructions there solved my problems and the TeamCity server is now accessible over HTTPS.

The TeamCity Free Open Source License was generously provided by JetBrains

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