[NoBrainer] Using PowerShell to convert an IPv4 subnet mask length into a subnet mask address

With PowerShell 3.0 and onwward you can easily convert a SubnetMask in bit form to a “real” dotted 4 octet format:

PS > $MaskLength = 24;
PS > [IPAddress] $ip = 0;
PS > $ip.Address = ([UInt32]::MaxValue -1) -shl (32 - $MaskLength) -shr (32 - $MaskLength)
PS > $ip

Address            : 16777215
AddressFamily      : InterNetwork
ScopeId            :
IsIPv6Multicast    : False
IsIPv6LinkLocal    : False
IsIPv6SiteLocal    : False
IsIPv6Teredo       : False
IsIPv4MappedToIPv6 : False
IPAddressToString  :

Reverting that operation is a bit trickier, but easily handable as well:

function Convert-IpAddressToMaskLength([string] $dottedIpAddressString)
  $result = 0; 
  # ensure we have a valid IP address
  [IPAddress] $ip = $dottedIpAddressString;
  $octets = $ip.IPAddressToString.Split('.');
  foreach($octet in $octets)
    while(0 -ne $octet) 
      $octet = ($octet -shl 1) -band [byte]::MaxValue
  return $result;

PS > Convert-IpAddressToMaskLength
PS > Convert-IpAddressToMaskLength

UPDATE: be careful when trying to convert IP addresses with leading zeros, as described in this post.


  1. Fyi, revert doesn’t seem to work with anything other than 255. Nice logic though.

    • Ronald Rink says:

      Hi Christopher, thanks for your hint – very much appreciated! I corrected the error and it seems to be working correctly now.
      Regards, Ronald

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