HTTP 406 when mixing WebAPI RouteTable.Routes.MapHttpRoute and HttpConfiguration.Routes.MapODataRoute

[UPDATE] 2014-11-28 Jerther sent me a comment (see below) on how he solved this issue! So how did he do it? The short answer is, that you have to include special registration code inside the ‘Application_Start()’ and other places where the order on how you code it plays a crucial role. Check out his post […]

vCAC 5.2 Hotfix 5 fails to install with error HTTP 403.4 – Forbidden

Another gotcha you might run into when you try to install vCAC 5.2 Hotfix 5 … When you try to install the hotfix on a repo server that only accepts HTTPS/SSL connections you might encounter the following error: This is because somehow the installer only tries to access the repo via HTTP. In this case […]

vCAC 5.2 Hotfix 5 fails to install correctly on a machine without Model Manager Data directory

When you install vCAC 5.2 Hotfix 5 you certainly have to install this on all componentens and systems running any piece of vCAC software. However, there is a scenario when this is not enough, or you have to do some manual adjustments. You will remember, that when you first installed vCAC 5.2, you had to […]

vCAC: Using AddQueryOption() method generates incorrect ODATA REST calls

[UPDATE 2014-08-11] See note below for a workaround on this. vCAC provides access to its data model via an ODATA REST interface that is based on the Microsoft .NET Entity Framework. Access to this interface is encapsulated and abstracted via the EF DataService that is exposed via the ModelManagerEntities object. For more information you can […]

Static IP Assignment not working any more after you apply vCAC 5.2 Hotfix 4 (HF4)

When using the static IP service in vCAC 5.2 you might come to a suprise after you installed vCAC 5.2 Hotfix 4 (HF4), because – it no longer works… VMware Support is informed about this and will fix it in HF5. Until then you either do not use this feature any more or use a […]

Search-OSCEXOEmailMessage does not handle PageSize and Paging correctly

Another bug in the OSCEXO module… When searching for mails within a mailbox well known folder with more than “PageSize” messages the cmdlet Search-OSCEXOEmailMessage never return and keeps “searching” forever (or until you run out of memory – whatever happens first). The reason behind this is that the code that handles the “ExchangeService.FindItems()” calls does […]

PowerShell New-WebServiceProxy fails to instantiate Clickatell SOAP WebService

When trying to use the Clickatell SOAP WebService via “” you receive a “FileNotFoundException” exception: You effectively have to use the workaround described in the manual by calling the web service under this address: ‘’. The reason behind it seems to be use of a conflicting attribute named ‘callback’.

[System.Net.WebClient] does not return data properly

When using the System.Net.WebClient class you are actually using a class that wraps WebRequesr and WebResponse with some benefits as abstracting stream and handling logic. However, this, comes at a price and sometimes along with some errors, too. When a web server responds with an HTTP 500 Status the WebClient throws an exception and you […]

Invoke-WebRequest uses id attribute of input element as field name in form fields collection

As already described on elsewhere on the Internet and on Microsoft Connect, the new Invoke-WebRequest Cmdlet, that comes with PowerShell v3, handles form fields incorrectly. Instead of referring to the name attributes of input elements within a form the Fields Collection stores the ids of the attributes under the ‘key’ property. As in the following […]

Invoke-WebRequest does not save all Cookies in SessionVariable

[UPDATE 2014-04-08] Thanks to Meir I updated the post as the code was missing the definition for the regular expression. Now I corrected that, so the code should work now. In addition, I found out that the apple web server is not serving ‘Set-Cookie’ header according to RFC so I changed the example from […]