When you try to add a “Global Blueprint” in vCenter Automation Center (vCAC) 5.1 for an Organisation VCD (OvDC) in a vCloud Director (vCD) endpoint you cannot save your settings if you have no Organisation Networks (OrgNetwork) defined.

As the selection of a network (and a storage path) is mandatory input and the selection list for the networks is empty you cannot save your blueprint. What is furthermore irritating, you do not see any storage paths (which is “Storage Tiers” in vCD) in the selection list either (not even the “Any” or default storage tier). As this list appears before the selection list of the networks it first seems this is an error relating to storage tiers or your storage configuration.

Actually, this is a bug in vCAC 5.1. As soon as you have your Organisation network defined the storage tier display as well and you can save your blueprint as intended.

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