UPDATE 2015-03-15 we just released v1.0.5 which contains a few new Cmdlets such as Sending SMS to Clickatell via PowerShell.

We are currently working on an automation project where we make use of several of our modules that we created in the past. In order to ease integration into the customer’s code and provide a legal basis for re-using the code we have started to release some of our modules on GitHub under the Apache 2.0 license. Hopefully one or two cmdlets come in handy for you one time when tackling a specific PowerShell problem.

You can download the module on GitHub or get on NuGet with Install-Package biz.dfch.PS.System.Utilities.

CommandType     Name
-----------     ----
Alias           ConvertFrom-ExchangeEncoding
Function        Assert-CmdletDocumentation
Function        ConvertFrom-Base64
Function        ConvertFrom-CmdletHelp
Function        ConvertFrom-Hashtable
Function        ConvertFrom-PSCustomObject
Function        ConvertFrom-SecureStringDF
Function        ConvertFrom-UnicodeHexEncoding
Function        ConvertFrom-UrlEncoded
Function        ConvertTo-Base64
Function        ConvertTo-UrlEncoded
Function        Expand-CompressedItem
Function        Export-Credential
Function        Format-IPAddress
Function        Format-Xml
Function        Get-ComObjectType
Function        Get-Constructor
Function        Import-Credential
Function        New-ActivityProgress
Function        New-CustomErrorRecord
Function        New-SecurePassword
Function        Remove-ActivityProgress
Function        Send-ShortMessage
Function        Set-ActivityProgress
Function        Set-SslSecurityPolicy
Function        Test-CmdletDocumentation
Function        Test-StringPattern

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