While searching for a mocking framework for C# .NET we of d-fens stumbled over JustMock. JustMock is a mocking framework for unit testing developed and maintained by Telerik. Besides JustMock Telerik provides a huge palette of development tools. The probably most popular tool developed by them is Fiddler.

Now let’s go back to JustMock. There are two versions of JustMock available (JustMockLite and JustMock). The lite version can be downloaded and used for free. The full version of JustMock requires a license per developer and includes much more features than the lite version. One of the features offered by the full version is static mocking, which is essential for testing LightSwitch applications.

During the trial period we got a good feeling of JustMock. It offers a lot of useful features and has an easy to use API that causes a steep learning curve. Additionally JustMock is documented very well (see JustMock Manual) and is well illustrated with lots of useful code snippets. A short introduction into the framework can be found in the JustMock Manual.

Based on this experience we decided to buy licenses for the full version and to use JustMock from now on in all our C#/.NET projects. To share our JustMock knowledge we created a GitHub-Repository, where we will add samples (code snippets and wiki entries) of general and tricky scenarios.

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