I was asked, if it’s possible to integrate pylint into JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA 14. After having a quick look at Google I found a blog post about the integration of pylint. The mentioned blog post references an older IntelliJ version and the author runs IntelliJ on Linux. Because I run IntelliJ 14 on Windows I decided to shortly describe the configuration for this combination here.

I presuppose that IntelliJ 14, python and pylint are installed and that the following path are added to the Windows PATH variable (Paths depend on the installation location)

  • C:\python27
  • C:\python27\Scripts

To integrate pylint into IntelliJ IDEA 14 open your IDEA and go to Settings (Ctrl + Alt + s)

  • Navigate to Tools > External Tools

  • Add a new External Tool by clicking on +
    In tool settings section you have to add the path to your pylint.exe file to the programm textfield. Referencing pylint.bat won’t work.

  • Add a new Output Filter

Now as you are done you can execute pylint over the Tools menu

The result of the pylint code analysis will then be printed to the run console in IntelliJ.

For more details and for Linux based configuration see here

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