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[NoBrainer] Allman codestyle and gitignore for Java IntelliJ

The following xml-file describes the Allman code style for IntelliJ IDEA and the Java-File below shows an example of the code style. <code_scheme name="allman"> <XML> <option name="XML_LEGACY_SETTINGS_IMPORTED" value="true" /> </XML> <codeStyleSettings language="JAVA"> <option name="KEEP_FIRST_COLUMN_COMMENT" value="false" /> <option name="KEEP_BLANK_LINES_BEFORE_RBRACE" value="1" /> <option name="BLANK_LINES_AFTER_CLASS_HEADER" value="1" /> <option name="BRACE_STYLE" value="2" /> <option name="CLASS_BRACE_STYLE" value="2" /> <option name="METHOD_BRACE_STYLE" value="2" /> <option name="CATCH_ON_NEW_LINE" value="true" /> […]