I totally missed that! So my surprise was even bigger: vCO now has an interactive Shell (vCO-Cli) just like Python and PowerShell. Ok, maybe not really like them; but at least major step towards some much more usable environment. Now you can actually test code without starting a complete workflow everything going through this painful Edit, Save, Run, Wait-and-See cycle. You just have to enter the code into the editor and do something that you will probably know from SQL Server Management Studio. You press ‘Execute’ and see the results instantly – unbelievable, but vCO is really trying to catch up with modern programming …


The CLI actually comes as a plugin for vCO. After you installed that you have to execute the batch file or shell script (depending on where you run). This tool is officially a ‘fling’ – something that some smart engineers at VMware developed – and thus not supported. But anyway, better than nothing and something that was long overdue.

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