[UPDATE 2014-11-16] The module is now available on NuGet. See below for download link.
[UPDATE 2014-10-13] I split the module into separate PS1 files (one per cmdlet/function) and created a manifest for it. Now you can use a prefix and change the name of the cmdlets (the default prefix is ‘Ctera’).

Here you find the PowerShell module that you can use to manage a CTERA / Swisscom Storebox system via REST. The module uses the biz.dfch.PS.System.Logging module and at least PowerShell version 3.

You can download the module from Github – biz.dfch.PS.Storebox.Api or from NuGet via Install-Package biz.dfch.PS.Storebox.Api . Please also check the wiki for additional information on how to use the Cmdlets.

You can use the following Cmdlets and Aliases:
CommandType Name
———– —-
Alias Enter-Storebox
Alias Exit-Storebox
Alias Get-CteraObjTemplate
Alias Invoke-CteraCommand
Alias New-CteraFolder
Alias New-CteraProject
Alias Remove-CteraObj
Alias Select-Storebox
Alias Set-CteraObj
Alias Update-CteraObj
Function Add-CteraLocalGroupMember
Function ConvertFrom-CteraObj
Function ConvertFrom-CteraObjAtt
Function ConvertFrom-CteraObjList
Function ConvertTo-CteraXml
Function Enter-Ctera
Function Exit-Ctera
Function Format-CteraExtendedMethod
Function Get-CteraDefaultsObj
Function Get-CteraEmailTemplate
Function Get-CteraLocalGroup
Function Get-CteraLogs
Function Get-CteraTime
Function Get-StoreboxEntity
Function Get-StoreboxPortal
Function Get-StoreboxUser
Function Invoke-CteraFileTransfer
Function Invoke-CteraRestCall
Function New-CteraAclEntry
Function New-CteraListVal
Function New-CteraLocalGroup
Function New-CteraLocalUser
Function New-CteraPlan
Function New-CteraPortal
Function New-CteraProjectAclRule
Function New-CteraProjectFolder
Function Remove-CteraAddOn
Function Remove-CteraLocalGroup
Function Remove-CteraLocalGroup2
Function Remove-CteraLocalGroupMember
Function Remove-CteraLocalUser
Function Remove-CteraObject
Function Remove-CteraPlan
Function Select-CteraPortal
Function Set-CteraEmailTemplate
Function Set-CteraObject


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