As I was working on a project, I had to check if we can use Log4Net for an UWP Application which will run on a Windows 10 IoT device.
For setting up the UWP Application, I used Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition. In the new project dialog I chose Blank App (Universal Windows) and used the following settings.

  • Minimum Version: Windows 10 (10.0; Build 10586)
  • Target Version: Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (10.0; Build 14393)

After Visual Studio did its thing and created the project, I tried to install Log4Net using Package Manager Console (Install-Package Log4net). After some loading, the package manager threw the following errors.

  • Package restore failed. Rolling back package changes for 'ARBITRARY_APP'
  • System.Threading.Thread 4.0.0 provides a compile-time reference assembly for System.Threading.Thread on UAP,Version=v10.0, but there is no run-time assembly compatible with win10-x64-aot

The second error occurred multiple times with different namespaces.

After a discussion with my coach, we thought, that the newest Win10 SDK was missing so I installed it on my computer. Nevertheless the error still occurred. After a quick research in the internet we found out, that Visual Studio 2015 Community is not able to handle the newest available UWP version. Based on that fact, I switched from Visual Studio 2015 Community to Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise. The only reason for using Enterprise edition instead of Community edition was, that Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise was already installed on my computer. In the 2017 version of Visual Studio I finally was able to install Log4Net using the Package Manager Console.

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