This Microsoft PowerShell module contains Cmdlets to perform various base actions and utility/convenience functions against the Infoblox REST API (WAPI).

You can download this module via GitHub at biz.dfch.PS.Ipam.Infoblox.Api or via NuGet with Install-Package biz.dfch.PS.Ipam.Infoblox.Api.


This module uses Invoke-RestMethod internally. You can also use the functionality of the provided InfobloxApi.dll assembly that is more efficient.

The current implementation of Invoke-RestCommand performs a BASE64 authenticated login upon every call (this is not cached).


This module does not expose any ALIASES.


Invoke-RestCommand Invokes an arbitrary Infoblox REST API

Ipam-Invoke Invokes an arbitrary Infoblox REST API (via .NET/C# assembly)

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