[NoBrainer] How to easily pass parameters to a script in a PowerShell job

Today I had to pass a long list of parameters to a Cmdlet inside a PowerShell job. At first it looked like this, which seemed rather horrbile (i.e. unreadable) to me. There had to be a cleaner approach to this – and so it was … there are some samples around the Internet on how […]

[Bug] Start-Job from Scheduled Task fails with event id 8197 when invoked via different Credential Set

[UPDATE 2014-10-21] the code and the assembly are now available under Apache 2.0 license on GitHub at https://github.com/dfch/biz.dfch.CS.System.Utilities [UPDATE 2014-12-10] see below for further details on this issue and a workaround to this that does not need PSRemoting Recently I observed a strange bug that occured when trying to invoke a PowerShell job via the […]