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Handling PowerShell ValueFromPipeline easily

Did you ever want your Cmdlets tp support pipeline input but never took the time to correctly implement it? There is an easy way of handling input either from pipeline or as a parameter (regardless it being a sigle object or an array of objects). You just have to decorate a generic input parameter with the “ValueFromPipeline” attribute and iterate […]

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Notifiying Users in vCAC via ‘Recent Events’

During long running provisionings you may want to inform the user about the states you are currently processing. In my previous blog post I showed how to add a text to the ‘CurrentTask’. But maybe you want to give the user a little bit more information where the status field does not provide enough space. Especially in case of a […]

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Decrypting Passwords in vCAC ConnectionCredentials

Suppose you provision a virtual machine to a vCenter and then want to change the socket/core ratio of that machine as described in vCloud Automation Center – vCAC – Workflow and Script to Change CPU’s to Cores. For this to actually work you not only need the vCenter address but also some valid credentials you can use to connect to […]

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Resolve and Determine vCAC Machine Type

Here is a way how to quickly determine the machine type to be deployed without resorting to the ‘VirtualMachineExt’ object (which by the way is not yet available in the ‘BuildingMachine’ state): In case you wonder what other machine types exist you can check the enumeration like this: Though this can easily be achieved in a different manner, the point […]