[HOWTO] Creating and Converting X.509 Certificates with OpenSSL for use in Microsoft Windows (PKCS12)

OpenSSL SAN Certificates

I couple of years ago (back in 2010) I assembled a small document on how to use OpenSSL to create and convert X.509 certificates so Windows can properly recognise and work with them because I tended (and still do) to forget its somehow cryptic usage. This document has been lying around on my computer for […]

[HOWTO] Connect IIS 8 and Tomcat 7

For evaluation purposes I wanted to run Activiti BPM Platform on an Apache Tomcat 7 which is connected to IIS 8 using ajp13. I decided to use the Apache Tomcat Connector to connect Apache Tomcat 7 to IIS 8. As a prerequisite I installed Apache Tomcat 7 as a service (download tomcat 7). Setup To […]