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PowerShell 0

Module: biz.dfch.PS.ChargeBack.Api

Common This module utilises the .NET WebRequest class. ChargeBack API version information is defined in $biz_dfch_PS_ChargeBack_Api. Enter-ChargeBack Performs a login to a given vCenter ChargeBack server. Exit-ChargeBack Performs a logout from a given ChargeBack server. Invoke-ChargeBackCommand Invokes a specified ChargeBack command. With this CmdLet you can effectively issue any command against the ChargeBack API. Get-ChargeBackEntities (?) […]

PowerShell 2

Module: biz.dfch.PS.System.Logging

[UPDATE 2015-12-22] The module is now available on PowerShell Gallery. [UPDATE 2014-11-15] The module is now available on NuGet. This module allows you to have a unified logging in PowerShell and all your scripts. It depends on log4net and thus provides great flexibility on how and where you log. Basic usage is as follows: Main configuration is defined in the […]