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Improving Pester and Exception Assertion

Today’s post will cover the Pester testing framework. If you ever have used Pester for more the sunshine scenarios you will have noticed that the assertion of exceptions is a little bit, hmm, awkward. Pester provides an integrated Throw operator that will parse the exception message. This has some limitations such as when running in non-english environments the message may […]

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[NoBrainer] ‘The Should command may only be used inside a Describe block’ when run in an interactive PowerShell session

Here is a small helper method that you can use when creating Pester tests and trying to run them in an interactive PowerShell session. When executing statements that include the Pester Should Cmdlet interactively in a PowerShell session you receive the following error message: With the Should helper method below you can still execute the original Pester statement without having […]