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PowerShell 4

vCAC Provisioning without Guest Agent leaves Machine in ‘Installing OS’ state

When provisioning a server via PXE or ISO install you might run into a problem where you see your machines being in an ‘Installing OS’ state (between ‘BuildingMachine’ and ‘MachineProvisioned’) though the actual installation has finished long time ago. This might be because the ‘Guest Agent’ is either not installed on the image/machine or because there is no connectivity between […]

PowerShell 0

Create vCAC ManagementModelEntites objects from ODATA REST call with PowerShell

As quickly described in a previous post, the ‘AddQueryOption()’ in the vCAC WCF DataService is flawed and does not allow you to narrow queries and thus leads to massive performance penalties when working with larger installations. However, there is a workaround for this: you can use native ODATA REST calls and convert the result into a native .NET vCAC ManagementModelEntities […]