[SecondFirstTry] Connecting to a server based repository in Sparx Enterprise Architect with TLS 1.2 correctly

I grabbed the task to transfer a Enterprise Architect repository from one MSSQL server to another. Sparx Enterprise Architect ships with an action called “Project Transfer” that supports repository transfer from DBMS to DBMS, so I decided to use this built-in functionality. Before the project transfer can be started the transfer type (in my case […]

Converting Sparx Enterprise Architect Baseline Information from XML into C# objects


In this post I will show you how to easily work with Sparx Enterprise Architect Baseline information in C#. Baseline processing in Enterprise Architect is exposed via the ProjectClass (EA.Repository.GetProjectInterface()). From there we have to use a two-step approach to get a baseline and its stored information: Invoke project.GetBaselines() with a PackageGuid to get the […]

[NoBrainer] Simplifying and Speeding Up Testing in Sparx Enterprise Architect

Today’s post will be rather quick. I will show you how a unit/integration test class that can interact with real model data in Sparx Enterprise Architect. Beyond the well known Interop.EA assembly there is another assembly called SparxSystems.Repository that provides the intersting feature to connect to a running EA instance: Services.GetRepository(). We can use this […]