[NoBrainer] Getting constructor information with PowerShell 5 easily

Before PowerShell 5 we had to revert to reflection to be able to display constructor information in PowerShell (see Get-Constructor Fun for details). And because we used that functionality so often we created a Cmdlet Get-Constructor that is part of our biz.dfch.PS.System.Utilities module. However with PowerShell 5 this is obsolete as it is now built […]

Windows PowerShell on Linux Ubuntu 14.04

Microsoft finally open sourced and ported Windows PowerShell to Linux. As we use Windows PowerShell quite often in our daily business we decided to check out and test PowerShell on Linux. I was the happy one, who got the task to try it out. Setup For the try out I created a new virtual machine […]

Use Strong Name Key on TeamCity for Digital Signature

We started using strong names for some of our assemblies. Strong named assemblies are assemblies, that get digitally signed with a strong name key to ensure its uniqueness (i.e. in GAC). A strong name consists of the assembly’s identity, culture information (optional), version number plus a public key and a digital signature. As we did […]

[HOWTO] Parsing DateTime with TimeZone information in Newtonsoft.Json


If you have been working with C# and JSON you mmight probably resorted to Newtonsoft.Json, the defacto standard in .NET for handling JSON related data. However, when it comes to parsing date and time related information you might have noticed that the intrinsic JTokenType.Date data type is missing a crucial piece – it does not […]