[NoBrainer] Avoiding Concurrency Exceptions when working with a DataServiceContext in PowerShell

When working with a DataServiceContext from PowerShell you might run into concurrency update situations after updating entities via SaveChanges. This is due to the behaviour of the DataServiceContext ChangeTracker which will not reflect changes performed by the server (as a result of our update operation). Let me illustrate this with a quick example: Suppose we […]

[NoBrainer] PowerShell and Broken TabCompletion

Fusion Log Viewer

The other day I was working in a PowerShell session when I suddenly realised that Powershell’s TabCompletion feature was no longer working. That was strange, as it certainly normally and definitely worked before. And of course, I did not change anything – so I thought. After a quick look at lmgtfy did not show any […]

Improving Pester and Exception Assertion

Today’s post will cover the Pester testing framework. If you ever have used Pester for more the sunshine scenarios you will have noticed that the assertion of exceptions is a little bit, hmm, awkward. Pester provides an integrated Throw operator that will parse the exception message. This has some limitations such as when running in […]