[NoBrainer] PUT/PATCH/MERGE with OData Service Client

Visual Studio supports the generation of data service clients (Service references) for OData services. A data service client is a .NET class that contains methods for accessing the OData service and gets generated based on the metadata provided by the OData service. The client acts as a proxy and translates the method calls into HTTP […]

[NoBrainer] Mocking DateTimeOffset and DateTime with Telerik JustMock return unexpected values

JustMock DateTimeOffset

Today’s post goes rather quick … Telerik JustMock in its commercial (i.e. non-free) version provides you the option to mock static classes, which comes in really handy when you want to mock something like DateTimeOffset. However, in our scenario it yielded some surprising results… In my project I needed to mock a DateTimeOffset to have […]

The Case of the mystery log4net logging Behaviour when using PowerShell and C# with multiple Configurations

This blog post is about log4net which switches log configurations within a process as soon as two components are using their own log4net configuration. As you can read from our numerous blogs we are using PowerShell in combination with C# quite extensively. In addition we are heavily relying on log4net for logging puposes (see our […]