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Month: May 2016

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[NoBrainer] Code Contracts in Interfaces with abstract base classes will not trigger if override is not specified

Today I ran into a problem when all of a sudden my code contracts stopped working – as it seemed. In reality I was missing a simple override in the implementation of a class that derived from a base class. But now for a a concrete example. Suppose you have the following scenario: ContractClassForIArbitraryObject this class holds the contract for […]

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Code Contracts in Interfaces are evaluated after Contracts in Class Implementations

I recently noticed an — at least for me — unexpected behaviour when working with Code Contracts in interfaces. When you define a contract for an interface (via ContractClassFor) and implement a class from that interface that contract is certainly enforced. However when you define additional requirements on that implementation class these contracts are evaluated BEFORE the interface contracts. Here […]

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C# Code Contracts and Interface Properties

I recently ran into a problem when trying to use Code Contracts on Auto-Implemented Properties (i.e. Automatic Properties) combined with a C# interface. I started with a normal interface IScriptInvokerImpl where I wanted to define a method for running a PowerShell script and a public property for the PowerShell instance being used: A first implementation So a first implementation of […]