[NoBrainer] C# UnitTesting with CodeContracts and Telerik JustMock

When using Microsoft CodeContracts your Contract.Requires and Contract.Ensures statements will throw a ContractException which you cannot catch (per design). This means that you cannot use the [ExceptedException] attribute to assert them. Furthermore when mocking with Telerik Justock you cannot use Contract.Ensures and Contract.Requires at all in your stubs, as the stub is expected to be […]

Unit Testing with Code Contracts

If your are not already using CodeContracts I really recommend to start using them now. And if you are already using them, you will have noticed that their exceptions cannot easily be caught. This is due to a design decision from the design team as stated in their Code Contracts User Manual: 7.6 ContractException The […]

[NoBrainer] Performance Considerations regarding using Guid.ToString vs Guid.Guid in PowerShell

While doing some performance optimisations on one our loader scripts I came across an issue of converting a System.Guid or [[Guid]] in PowerShell to a string representation. In C# I was always (and still am) using ToString() and never saw anything like a Guid property. However, for some reason in PowerShell I tended to use […]

Transient Fault Handling with PowerShell

We are using PowerShell to automate various backend systems quite heavily. Sometimes these interfaces (which may be REST APIs, message queues or something completely different) are shortly not available because of intermittent failures or simply because of network issues. In any case, most of the time a script will crash, though quite a bunch of […]